Here is a sampling of past patients experience

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After a frustrating year of trying to conceive Denise and her husband changed a few things in their diet and received a positive pregnancy test after 3 months of acupuncture.  Read her full testimonial here -> Denise's Story

"I highly recommend Maring to anyone looking for a non- evasive, natural way to help your body conceive and support a healthy pregnancy."




After a year of trying to conceive Andrea came to see me.  We worked on regulating her hormones and promote ovulate regularly and she became pregnant only after a few months of treatment. Read her full testimonial here -> Andrea's Story

"Desperate and out of options I sought out acupuncture with Maring - and it was life changing. She worked to help realign my hormones to function normal again and help me to ovulate. After a few months of treatment I got pregnant!"





Katie and I worked together in both of her pregnancies, she has Hashimotos and had also gone through mutiple miscarriages.  Through working together we helped maintain a healthy pregnancy as well as managing the Hashimotos symptoms.  Read her full testimonial here -> Katie's Story 

"I am deeply grateful for the care Maring has given me for the last 3 years as a part of my health care team.  She is amazing,caring, open, and professional.  I truly believe if she had not been a part of my health care team, I would not be a mommy.  And, that I am truly thankful for."



After a recommendation from a friend Annalise decided to try acupuncture.  She was diligent in following the diet and supplements as well as coming in for regular acupuncture treatments.  She kept a great attitude throughout the entire process and a few months later she received her positive pregancy test!  Read her full story here -> Annalise's Story

"As soon as I met her I felt more relaxed.  She knows what she's doing and it's evident." 

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Sarah and Camilo were on the fence between trying ART and going the natural route.  They decided to give acupuncture a try, followed the recommended diets and supplements and became pregnant a while after working together.  Read their full story here -> Sarah & Camilo's Story

"From our first meeting with her, we knew we were in good hands--she was very easy to talk to about our fertility challenges, as well as the goals of acupuncture as related to fertility."


A mother of 2 children Kaitlin wanted to have a VBAC and so she did everything in her power to make that happen.  Kaitlin had an amazing pregnancy and delivery and she is back again for baby #4! Read her full story here -> Kaitlins Story

"I used to think pain and discomfort during pregnancy was inevitable. Then I started seeing Maring for prenatal acupuncture."


Clare began seeing me as a recommendation from her doula.  Intially very phobic of the needles by the end of her pregnancy she hardly thought about them.  

Clare made amazing strides in both her pregnancy and also postpartum when she went through a period of depression.  With herbs, acupuncture and diet change she was able to successfully wean herself off meds.  Read her full story here -> Clare's Story

"Maring's acupuncture sessions, nutrition advice, and herbal supplements were the only things that brought me any relief at all. And when I finally was able to sleep again, I'm convinced that it was the acupuncture that did it. With Maring's help I was able to recover quickly from a serious condition that can go on for months for other people."



Natalie orignially came to see me for irregular cycles stress and anxiety.  Both her and her husband came to treatment to support one another in their process to conceive.  Shortly after working together and improving her cycles Natalie received a positive pregnancy test!  Read her full story here -> Natalie & Patricks Story

"Maring's treatment plan which included herbs, supplements, nutrition advice and acupuncture made a world of difference for me. My anxiety levels dropped, energy levels rose and my cycle regulated very quickly. After two months of treatment I became pregnant!" 



Lady came to me on a recommenadation from another patient.  She was already on a great path, meditating, eating the right foods, and looking for natural ways to improve her fertility. Through working on some of the smaller details she was able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy!  Read her full story here -> Lady's Story

"I've experienced some unfortunate challenges with pregnancy and started seeing Maring in 2016 - I was desperate for help and God answered my prayers by putting me in the hands of a wonderful acupuncturist, Maring. I am grateful to know her and am happy to say that I am on my second trimester of pregnancy!!!!"