Acupuncture Services for Pregnancy & Postpartum


Acupuncture has been used for centuries to help ease some of the symptoms that accompany pregnancy.  Below are a few ways I work with mamas in my practice. 


1rst Trimester:

  • Alleviating Morning Sickness

  • Heart Burn

  • Back Pain

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety/Stress/Worry

2nd Trimester:

  • Back Pain/Neck Pain/Hip Pain/Headaches

  • Nausea

  • Leg Swelling

  • Irritablity/Stress

  • Heart Burn

  • Breech

  • Sleep issues

  • GD

  • Immunity/Sinus Problems

3rd Trimester:

  • Edema

  • Restless Leg

  • Anxiety/Depression/Worry

  • Back Pain/Neck Pain/Hip Pain/Headaches

  • Prep for Labor

  • Breech

  • Sleep Issues

  • Heart Burn

  • Immunity/Sinus Problems

  • Fatigue



Acupuncuture + Labor Prep (starting at 31 weeks)

  • Help to Ripen and Dilate the Cervix

  • Helps to bring rhythm and consistency to contractions

  • Increase endorphins similar to morphine to help with pain management

  • Relax and Calm the Mind

  • Help Positing of Baby for easier labor and transition.


When should I come in during my pregnancy?

Women who have acupuncture throughout their entire pregnancy report feeling more energized and relaxed and have less aches and pains throughout their pregnancy.  

They also experience faster deliveries and “bounce back” quicker.  In the early stages of pregnancy so much is happening and its important to build a strong foundation at the start to carry you through the pregnancy.

Suggested Pregnancy + Acupuncture Prep Plan

First trimester - 1x a week (until 14 weeks)  

Second trimester - 2x a month (until 31 weeks) 

Third trimester - (31 weeks) 1x a week until delivery.  

Fourth trimester- (4 weeks post partum)

I recommend post partum treatments for a hormonal tune up and to help restore emotional and physical balance.

I also offer packages click here for our pricing. 



Acupuncture + Post-Partum Recovery ( 4 weeks post baby)

After birth it can take some time to build back the blood and fluids that were lost during birth.  I recommend moms come in to see me 4 weeks post delivery to help with replenishing what has been lost (blood and qi) and to help build back their energy, stamina and joy.  

Many times moms can feel uncertain about what are "normal" feelings and when to seek some outside assistance and help.  If you are unsure I am happy to meet with you to talk about options.  I am happy to do a consult over the phone or meet with you in person. 

In Chinese Medicine we see the blood as housing our mind and when we are depleated of blood and qi we can will experience symptoms such as the ones below.  I recommend food therapy and acupuncture to help bring the body back into balance. 

After birth we can experience:

  • Overwhelm & Crying for no reason

  • Stress & Anxiety or Depression

  • Shakiness

  • Mastitis, Sore Nipples

  • Sore Neck and Back from carrying baby and breast feeding.



Acupuncture during Labor:

Acupuncture is a useful tool during Labor to help with the following.  On occasion I am avilable for at hospital/birthing center/home births to give Acu Birth Treatments.  If this is something you are interested in you can email me at and if I am not avaialbe I can refer you to another labor & birth acupuncturist.  

Positioning the Fetus

Specific acupuncture points and the use of moxibustion has been shown in recent studies to help with turning a breech baby.  Success rates are higher if patient is seen between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy.   Patients will also learn techniques to be done at home.

Pain Relief during Labor

Acupuncture has been shown to increase the natural endorphins in your body that provide pain relief. The effect of acupuncture for pain relief has been likend to the effects of morphine. If you are choosing to have a drug free labor, acupuncture can provide an alternative with no unwanted side effects.
Two studies done in Norway that have shown the use of acupuncture as analgesia significantly reduce the use of both epidurals and other Western pain medications.

Avoid Prolonged Labor:

Acupuncture works by moving and directing blood flow in the body. If labor becomes stalled or slow to progress using specific acupuncture points can help to bring blood flow to the help ripen and dilate the cervix, and increase contractions.

Boost and Conserve Energy

Labor can be long and as a result women can become so fatigued that they feel as though they can’t continue. Acupuncture can help to boost and conserve the mother’s energy so she can make it through the duration of her labor.

Calm and Reduce Stress Levels:

Stress, fear and anxiety may crop up at different parts of labor. When the body is fearful we are acting from our Sympathetic Nervous system which tells us to fight or flight. When we are in a state of “fight or flight”, blood is shunted to our arms and legs and away from our uterus and reproductive organs. Acupuncture helps to calm our sympathetic nervous system and bring blood back to our reproductive organs where it will be most useful.