Welcome to Creating Fertile Ground

A class designed to help you tap into your creativity to assist you through this life transition with joy and openness while connecting you more deeply with your heart and the desires you want to bring forward.    

Creating Fertile Ground creates the groundwork needed to help you build more receptivity, creativity, and joy throughout the pre conception process.

You look around you and see many other women getting pregnant easily, with no effort at all, and you wonder, “ Why is it so easy for them and so hard for me?”  

I get it, it’s frustrating and it isn’t fair!

But, the women you are comparing yourself to, are NOT you.  They have not had the same experiences in their lives, they didn’t come into the world with the same DNA as you and their destiny is not yours.  They have their own unique challenges to face.

The truth is, we can’t change who we are or what obstacles have been given to us in this moment.  

But what we CAN change is how we feel about what we are going through.  Changing our orientation to the challenges we face starts with building a sold foundation of joy and then expressing that joy in our own unique creative voice.

You probably already know many ways to enhance your fertility and you’ve probably tried at least some of them including changing your diet and giving up caffeine and alcohol.  You may have even tried some meditation and relaxation techniques, because everyone tells you “You just need to relax!”  How many times have you heard that one?

But what you may NOT know is that there are ways to bring much more joy, creativity and compassion into the pre-conception process.

I know, you just want to feel like yourself again.  You want to get back to doing the things you love to do without always being focused on getting pregnant!   Maybe you want to go out with friends for a drink without worrying the entire time that one night out might adversely affect your fertility.  You long, with all your heart, for just ONE DAY where the first and last thing you think about is NOT related to getting pregnant.  

There are plenty of people out there telling you there is some magic solution guaranteed to get you pregnant.  So before you sign up for anything, you want to know that you are making the right choice, you want to know that this is THE thing that will finally be the answer to your prayers.

I wish I could tell you I have a magic pill that will help you get pregnant.  But the truth is that the magic is in finding exactly the right combination of things that work specifically for you.  

The answers come as you go through the process of figuring out what this journey, with all its twist and turns, is teaching you about yourself.  The answers come when you learn to tell your unique story of discovery through the most joyful and creative process you can muster.

As an Acupuncturist specializing in fertility and pre-natal care, I have spent many years helping women navigate the path to their own fertility.  As a Creative Strategist, I have helped others infuse grounding, heart opening creativity into their daily lives.  

Creating Fertile Ground, utilizes all the tools and techniques I have found to be most effective in helping others to open themselves to the compassion, love, depth of purpose and pure joy that is their birthright.

This course takes you gently through the process of discovering and finding your connection to your own femininity, receptivity and joy.  



 you can do to help enhance your fertility

  • How to BBT chart, what it is and how its useful
  • Daily exercises to tap into your feminine energy.  
  • Tools to help enhance your fertility
  • Meditation recordings for the phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Acupressure points to enhance your fertility.
  • A Guide book to take you through the 4 week creative fertility exploration.
  • How to learn to love your time alone, and incorporate artists dates

Bonus:  you will have the support of a community along the way!!

You will not only feel empowered, inspired and more relaxed, but you will have at home chinese remedies that help enhance your fertility

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll start with a writing exercise talking about what the next few years are going to look like.  We will get specific.  If you can see it, it can become.  The power of visualization is powerful.
  2.  Negative Nancies:  Negativity Bias: we are design to see the negative in our world, but there is a way to move through that by focusing on the positive.

  3.  Pick a creative focus and bein our 2o min sparks for 30 days

  4.  Chinese Medicine techniques such as moxabustion, castor oil pack and femoral artery massage.

  5. Practice:  Receiving

  6. Art, Collaging, Journaling and letters to our future self.

This is really powerful. Thank you for developing this. I look forward to it every week!

Why this workshop?

I created this program because I felt that there was a missing piece that was not being addressed in my treatments with my patients.  While alone many patients were giving me feedback that doing these exercises were helping them, I felt that the missing link of being able to do it together and in a non judgmental environment.  

I bring with me 13 years of experience working in the fertility field and have helped 100's of women conceive and achieve their dream of having a family.  I feel honored and privedged to have been a part of their journey and now I want to include even more tools to enhace ones connection to self and in turn improve their fertility.

I'll teach you the at home remedies and tools that I've seen be effective in my practice and we will also delve into the deeper more intutive sides of ourselves exploring our feminiity and ability to be receptive.



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