These are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If there is something I didn't answer below please feel free to to email me.  I hope to provide you with the  most comprehensive information so you can decide if acupuncture is the right choice for you.  

My baby is breech how can acupuncture help?

If you find out that your baby is breech it is best to come in earlier than later.  Earlier in your pregnancy your baby has more room to turn giving us more opportunity to make an impact.  It’s important to remember that acupuncture is most effective with between 4-6 treatments.  

Acupuncture can greatly help with positioning of your baby and is most effective when you have been doing acupuncture throughout your pregnancy.  

Can acupuncture start labor? 

The short answer is yes, though it depends where you are in your pregnancy and how often you were coming in.  When it comes to prepping for labor, acupuncture works best when you are coming consistently before you are full term (40 weeks), I recommend starting to prep for labor starting at 31 weeks. 

How does Acupuncture help start labor (Baby Boost)

  • Helps to ripen and dilate the cervix

  • Increases morphine like endorphins in the body

  • Relaxes and calms the mind

  • Promotes surges

  • Speeds the process of labor

  • Assists prolonged or stalled labor

What do I need to do to prepare for Acupuncture + Labor Out-Call

  • Eat something small before arrival

  • Create an environment dark, quiet, serene with little commotion



Do you treat things other than pregnancy or fertility?  Can my husband come in and see you?

Yes! I would love to help your husbands, fathers, grandfathers and sons; all your family members and friends.  Acupuncture can help with a multitude of ailments and is number one for pain elimination and pain management with little to no side effects.  With the growing number of people who are on pain killers, muscle relaxants, and other narcotics, acupuncture has become a sought after treatment to get people back to enjoying the things they love without having to suffer the unwanted side effects of pharmaceuticals.  One of my greatest joys is when I help someone avoid surgery after a few sessions with acupuncture. 

How many times will I have to come in?

This is a hard question to answer because each situation is different but below are examples of how long it has taken in the past to either relieve or eliminate certain ailments and issues.

Acute Back pain/Neck pain- 6-10 treatments

Chronic back pain/neck pain- 12+ treatments

Fertility - 3 months + treatments

Digestive issues - 8-10 treatments

Sleep issues -  8-10 treatments

Stress - 1-4 treatments

Hormonal imbalances - 3 months +

Irregular Menstrual Cycle - 3 months+

Keep in mind that acupuncture is much like exercise.  Often one treatment is not sufficient to treat the problem. Think about how long your have carried around that back pain, neck pain, digestive issue or sleep issue.  It may take some time for your body to recover and rebalance.  It’s important to give yourself some time to adapt to the changes you are making in your body, mind and soul.  




How much does it cost?

Initial evaluation + Acupuncture: $140.00  

In this visit we will go over your entire health history, review lab work, and talk about all of your concerns.  Diagnostic testing will include Acu Graph, pulse diagnosis & tongue diagnosis.   At your second visit we will go over the treatment plan I design specifically for you with herbal, dietary, and other lifestyle recommendations.  We will also go over the Acu Graph results.  This visit lasts approximately an hour and half and includes an acupuncture treatment.  

Report of Findings and Follow up visits: $90.00

We will start follow up visits talking briefly about how things are going, if we need to change or add anything into your treatment and if new concerns have arisen since starting acupuncture.  These visits typically last about an hour.  





The Acu-DoZen

12 treatments @ 980 ( @ 80 a treatment)

-option to pay in two monthly installments of 460.00

Great option for chronic pain, acute pain, pregnancy, digestive, and sleep issues

The Two Acu-DoZen package

24 treatments @ 1800 ( @75 a treatment) 

-option to pay in 3 monthly installments of 600.00

-do not expire

-can share package with up to 2 people

This is the package offers the biggest savings and is perfect for the fertility patients, pregnancy, wellness patients, and families wanting to share a plan.  


If you need to refund your package for life circumstances, we can refund your unused treatments minus the difference you would have paid for a full priced treatment.  It’s recommended that you transfer your package so as not to lose out on the discounted price.

Example:  Purchased The Acu DoZen: Paid 960.00.  Used: 6 Refunded 6: $420.00