We cannot escape disappointment: Go all in!


"Our disappointment is the same if we go all in or tread cautiously.  I say "Go all in!"  

I say this often to my patients when they just find out that they are pregnant and are holding their breath until they reach the second trimester or beyond.  

For many the journey to pregnancy has been years and to finally receive that positive pregnancy test it can often feel so overwhelming and emotional, that it's only natural that we would want to protect ourselves from disappointment.   

But the truth is that we can't spare ourselves the disapointment if the outcome isn't what we want.  We can only control how we feel about the moment.  So why not choose to be excited about this very important and amazing moment in your life, rather than fearing or fretting what could happen. 

I invite you to do the following as a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself if you are in the midst of feeling anxious about the unknown future, 

1.  To yourself or with someone you love share your excitement, celebrate, buy something nice for yourself.

2.  Visualize how your pregnancy will go from start to finish and all the way to the babies 1rst birthday.  Send that love to yourself and to your growing baby.

3.  Practicing watching those negative feelings arise, feel where you feel them in your body touch your hand to that spot and say "worry, or scared" or what ever you may be feeling.  Write them down and then put them in a box.  This will help you honor all those feelings while still allowing the exciement and possiblity to be there too.  

4.  Find support, reach out to someone you love tell them what you need and tell them how you are feeling.  

5.   And lastly move your body, go for a walk in nature or by the beach.  

I hope this helps you in your journey wherever you are.